JRonChristopher aka JRon 'The Reckoning'

'The Reckoning'

     JRon a talented lyricist and rap artist is know stranger to the Hip Hop culture and its street influence. Born in Oakland Ca. he was drawn to the microphone at an early age discharging kinetic energy in rare form. With a catalog of over a hundred songs his ability to ride a track with intense lyrics come with ease.

     Known for his  rap delivery and charismatic rap style he quickly gained fans as a local rapper in the Bay Area. Keeping his pencil sharp his notebook quickly filled with the sometimes harsh reality of street life. Moreover, with impressive work ethics, and proficient skills enables his ability to write raps at the drop of a dime. Now JRon is ready to take his work ethics to the stage performing live to bring that kinetic energy to his fans.


     From the Bay Area to Sacramento and back JRon continues to gain notoriety in greater Northern California by using social media to his advantage. His song can be heard on streaming services such as Soundcloud, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and more. Working and collaborating with other local entities such as: Myk Bay B and Onemovizion Entertainment he continues to gain notoriety.

     With his energetic stage presence soon others will realize he's one to be reckoned with in days to come.

Download his single, 'We Make Womp Womp' at link below:


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